Whil Concepts, Inc.

Whil Concepts, Inc.

Whil is the only digital well-being training solution for professionals, by professionals. Employees access 200+ programs and over 1,250 sessions on ­demand to reduce stress, increase resiliency, and improve their sleep and performance.

Website: whil.com

Their Story

“Every day at 3:00pm ­right around the time people start to hit that mid­day drowsy period­ our whole team will go into a room, lower the lights, and do a 10 -minute mindfulness meditation together. It takes us just 10 minutes a day, but the act of developing a daily practice has had tremendous effects across the company. 10 minutes a day is nothing. We’re effectively trading a trip to Starbucks for something that permeates our corporate culture, keeps our minds sharp, and helps us manage the stresses common to high­ tech startups. Almost our entire team has become incredibly passionate about this, because it has an almost immediate effect on our moods, our energy levels, and our ability to produce.”

Their Advice

“There are two big keys to making a mindfulness program in a company stick:

  • Leadership support: Everyone thinks they’re too busy to meditate, but if they see their bosses and their bosses’ bosses doing it, it makes it okay to take that time for yourself.
  • Consistency: Mindfulness is like going to the gym. Sure, you’ll feel better after you’re done, but the real long ­term effects only show up if you do it regularly.”

Submitted 2017