WeSpire provides corporations with a technology platform to design, run, and measure the impact of their employee engagement initiatives.

Website: wespire.com

Their story

82% of employees say recognition motivates them to improve their job performance, according to Gallup. After much research and internal discussion around how to continue to create a positive and rewarding work environment for employees, WeSpire decided to focus on recognition. As a startup company with roots in behavior change, they knew that in order to be successful, they needed a solution that could scale as they grew and could easily be integrated into their employees’ existing behaviors and habits.

Their solution was to create a recognition feature, called Kudos, on their positive business technology platform that gave their own employees the ability to publicly recognize each other in a professional and social manner. Everyone at the company, from interns all the way up to the CEO, can use the Kudos feature to recognize their coworkers for a job well done.

When an employee is recognized, a post is created on the platform’s dashboard for all to see. Employees are able to comment and “like” the post, further helping to build a recognition­-rich culture among the employees.

The Kudos feature empowers their employees to communicate, share and publicly recognize the amazing work that their colleagues do every day. Since launching the feature in late 2014, nearly 300 Kudos posts have been shared.

In the WeSpire office, recognition has now become an important part of their culture. Departmental silos are broken down when all departments can see when their colleagues are being recognized. Historically, a software engineer may never have known if a customer success manager pulled together an important piece of collateral for a client. Now, everyone can comment and endorse a job well done. This tool has provided them with numerous opportunities to celebrate individual, team and company victories no matter how small, to bring transparency to all the great work their employees create. After seeing the success and impact this tool made on their own organization, they chose to offer to the feature their customers. Customers have told them that this tool helps unite their teams and engage their employees. In 2016, the Kudos feature was the most used feature on their platform.

Their advice

“Start small and don’t overthink it. You don’t have to have a formal recognition program in order to build a recognition rich culture. Give executives or team members opportunities to recognize each other during team meetings, company-­wide meetings or via email. All it takes is a few people to start the trend and get the ball rolling. Make recognition a habit of your own, and others will start to adopt it as well.”

Submitted 2017