Vistaprint is a Waltham, Massachusetts based global company with offices in nearly 12 countries around the world. Their business offering is helping other companies promote their business through a wide range of products and design tools. Companies can use Vistaprint products to create the customized materials they need to promote their company.


Their Story

Vistaprint’s mission is to create and enable a customized employee experience that inspires its teams to deliver their best work to each other and their customers. By developing a learning mindset, Vistaprint fosters continuous and real-time feedback and employee ownership. They believe that by doing this, they are encouraging employees to always be improving and feeling ownership though their work.

Two years ago, the company moved away from traditional and formalized performance reviews. Instead, they employed a support model to help their team members give and receive meaningful feedback. The company formed “Feedback Champions Network” which is a group of employees who exhibits “Vistaprint behaviors” and viewed as role models for giving and receiving meaningful feedback. The role of the feedback champions is to teach and support the behavior of well-intentioned feedback to teams across the organization. In addition to this, they put the ownership of feedback in the hands of the individual team members such that everyone owns both collecting and understanding their feedback and creating their own development plans. Through doing this, the company believes they are fostering a learning culture and that employees are redefining the way they view their work and their responsibility of feedback in the organization.

Their Advice

In order to build continuous and honest feedback into a company, Vistaprint believes companies should evaluate the “what” and the “why” of the practice. By doing this, employees can understand the purpose and this will make buy-in easier in the company. Acknowledge that this change may be large for employees, have transparency and answer their questions. Additionally, using practical tips and storytelling to showcase best practices can help employees understand the change and embrace this new system.