Torrent Inc.

Torrent Inc.

Torrent is a consulting firm that helps organizations align their culture and business processes with technology to best serve employees and customers. Their areas of expertise are Salesforce, mobile and cloud technology. They are business consultants who pride themselves on listening first, then making intentional, holistic changes that transform businesses. Their goal, and they insist on it, is to help you build something greater.


Their Story

Torrent Consulting believes that all people are capable of great things, and often resumes and typical HR practices get in the way of people seeing that in others. To combat, Torrent Consulting has enacted a recruiting and hiring process void of resumes. That doesn’t mean people don’t still submit them, we just don’t give them more merit. Instead, we have created an inclusive hiring process where all are welcome. It starts with a “mix- -and-mingle where candidates connect with Torrent staff and executives and vice versa. We use tools like Competing Values Framework (every job candidate is required to take the assessment) to better understand candidates personalities. And at the end of the day, each candidate is measured on our 6 Core Values. If they don’t get a star on everyone, they aren’t hired. This new way of doing HR has helped us attract and hire some of the greatest people, who would never had gotten through a traditional recruiting process.

Their Advice

For a company to disregard resumes, it must first establish a strong sense of core values. If you are going to hire for culture fit, but you don’t know what makes your culture unique, you are better off fishing through resumes and looking for people with the right skills. Now if you have established cultures (meaning everyone in the company knows them and values them), give this method a try. Start with one or two roles you are hiring for. Test a process where you bring a ton of candidates in and see if you can filter out the people that would be a cultural fit… and don’t look at their resume. What you’ll find is that the people that have a resume that says they could do a good job, won’t always be the person you want to come to work every day to do the job.

Submitted 2018