Swisse is a leader in the Vitamins, Herbal and Minerals Supplements (VHMS) market in Australia.


Their story

Swisse runs activities and programs throughout the year which are meant “to enable our team to flourish rather than just function in all aspects of their lives… All of the activities, programs and incentives Swisse offers are carefully designed to drive engagement, superior performance and ultimately a Healthy + Happy team [to] Celebrate Life Every Day (CLED)!”

They define wellness by their three pillars: mindfulness, nutrition, and movement and they offer a broad range of initiatives within each stream. They also added a new dimension to their wellness program in 2017 to include psychological well being.


Their greatest commitment to their team’s wellness is their meditation program. Offerings include guided meditation, mindful awareness meditation training programs, and more. Daily at 3pm, the whole company (globally) meditates for 20 minutes.


They have in­-house naturopaths, dieticians and nutritionists who provide free consultations and informative workshops. Each team member receives a AUD$1000 allowance annually to purchase products for themselves, their family and friends. There are also globally healthy team connection lunches once a week, and their kitchen is stocked with superfoods.


They have a free onsite gym, personal trainers, lunch time walking and running groups, and other subsidized gym memberships. They also bring their Swisse sporting ambassadors (Olympians and Paralympians, and ex­-professional cricket and tennis players) in to share their stories and achievements with their team.

Psychological Well-Being

Development programs are offered to help people move from functioning to flourishing in all aspects of their lives, develop self-awareness and personal leadership skills, and be open and adaptive to ongoing change.

CLED!head Series

The purpose of the CLED!heads series is to develop powerful self­-leadership skills that will enable their team to be in a positive and growth­-oriented headspace. It is a six module program that is available to all teams across all regions.

Healthy + Happy (H+H) Days

Full-­time team members have the ability to earn 5 additional days of paid leave every year: 1 day for each quarter and 1 day for their Swisse Anniversary. H+H days are earned through satisfactory performance, assessed during the team member’s quarterly catch up with their manager.

Their advice

“Any commitment to whole person wellness requires a significant investment of time, energy and funding – so it is essential to make sure the Executive and Leadership Team are supportive. You can offer the best program in the world but if your team doesn’t feel empowered to participate, chances are they won’t!

To show the value of wellness programs it’s essential to build a compelling case for a wellness program within your organization. Be clear on what the objectives of the program are and how you will measure its success. There are many validated studies that support the link between wellness, team engagement and business performance – this can be a great place to start as well as case studies from other businesses who’ve implemented like programs.

Once you have the support of your organization, it’s important to do your research. Engage your team to understand their preferences and help craft what programs are on offer – team are much more likely to engage when the feel as though they contributed to the design. Offer a variety of options across each pillar of whole person wellness over time to cater to different preferences within your team members.

There are many specialists within the wellness field and we strongly suggest working with high­ quality, qualified individuals to ensure your program is safe, professional and effective. We have met and engaged so many fantastic wellness specialists who have done an outstanding job at delivering our initiatives – as well as inspiring us with their passion!

Finally, develop a way to measure the program efficacy and monitor participation in the activities on offer to measure return on investment. This will help build your case for a bigger and better program each year. Lastly, our advice would be start small with a targeted wellness program. It is better to do fewer initiatives well and ensure your team are engaged and you are able to achieve the objectives of the program.”

Submitted 2017