Smart Paani

Smart Paani

SmartPaani is a company in Nepal that provides sustainable water management solutions. Their products include wastewater treatment/recycling solutions and water filtration systems. They are focused in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Their Story

Tyler McMahon, a co-founder, was on a Fulbright and saw how many people in Kathmandu who were purchasing trucks of water year-round. The trucks got water from over-extracted wells and were very expensive – and a great alternative is collecting rainwater on the roof and directly reduces deep groundwater extraction. SmartPaani was created and helped to solve a series of problems from recharge of shallow groundwater, filtration of all water through economical and biological filtration, along with water recycling and wastewater treatment. SmartPaani collects 40 million liters of rainfall each year, recharge more than 100 million back into the ground, and treat more than 15,000 liters of wastewater each day.

Their Advice

SmartPaani advises that your business understand the problem you set out to solve with your business and the value or positive impact of solving that problem. They believe that there are many problems in the world to solve, and that businesses should set out to do more than just help solve these. Their impact should be far ranging and businesses should spend a significant about of time thinking about how they can create positive change. Also using iterative processes such as Human Centered Design, Lean Startup Model are very useful in enhancing impact and scaling.

Submitted 2018