Root Inc.

Root Inc.

Root Inc. is a consulting firm. They are committed to making the process of change a visual process driven by data and dialogue.


Their Story

Root Inc. has a deep seeded culture focused on celebrating its employees. Each year Root Inc. hosts “Rootie Awards,” a ceremony that recognizes employees, across all levels of the company, that exemplify the company’s values. An online anonymous voting system enables colleagues to vote for one another and select a winner for each Root Inc. value. Additionally, Root Inc. recognizes annual Hall of Fame awardees who are finalists for the same company value within a five-year period.

Root Inc. has found that their annual “Rootie Awards” reenergizes its employees, encouraging them to fulfill the company’s core values and achieve the company’s mission “to invigorate the power of human beings to make a difference.”

Root Inc. believes that this employee recognition program not only celebrates people for their authentic selves but, also encourages others be their genuine selves at work. As a result, trust is built, and the attainment of corporate goals is accelerated among colleagues.

Their Advice

In order to create this strong culture, Root Inc. recommends celebrating and rewarding employees. Specifically, Root Inc. believes that “if you want people to live your values, you should celebrate your values.” It is important to recognize how the size of your organization impacts a celebration. Root Inc. suggests that smaller organizations close down during the celebration to emphasize its importance while larger organizations may find that hosting department-wide celebrations is more feasible.

Submitted 2018