Phire Group

Phire Group

Phire Group helps organizations discover their true potential by uncovering their unique purpose. We build brands that inspire, motivate and positively change the trajectory of our partners’ futures. 


Their Story

“We have transformed our organization through intentional inclusion and transparency. Each individual is a part of a committee responsible for forwarding the agency either internally or externally. A monthly dashboard openly shows results and progress of each department and the overall company. And each individual participates in firm­wide stand­up meetings in which we acknowledge positive contributions of each. Each decision becomes open to the group, each element created becomes exposed to the entire team, and each department becomes educated to the functions of another. Our firm has seen powerful results by becoming more inclusive. We’ve seen significant business growth and rise in the purpose­ driven nature of each individual team member.”

Their Advice

“Much of these practices were occurring in non­ structured ways, but did not take hold until we brought a third­ party facilitator in to help us institutionalize and execute. When delivered top ­down, activities are often seen as just “part of the job.” When developed by the entire team through a participatory process, the agency becomes driven by everyone, with contributions from all.”

Submitted 2017