imageOne takes care of everything document­ related for an organization. The imageOne team analyzes printer and copier environments to learn what, where, and how much end users print. Based on that information, they recommend the right devices in the right places, sell or lease, service, and stock those devices with parts and supplies, as well as provide software solutions to increase security, reduce print volumes, and improve document workflows. By covering document management from start to finish, imageOne saves its customers time and money while helping them to work more efficiently.


Their story

“In 2015, imageOne implemented the Great Game of Business, a form of open book management. Not only did this create a positive impact on [their] culture, [but also created] staggeringly positive results for [their] bottom line. Opening [their] books to the entire company created transparency, ownership, and opportunity for learning.”

“Each week at a company-wide huddle, the team shares business successes and challenges as well as reviews financial metrics. Every month, a large portion of the all-company meeting is dedicated to reviewing the company’s income statement and balance sheet and comparing monthly, yearly, and year-to-date financials versus plan. imageOne also has a training component for financial literacy through imageOne University.” “Every team member is required to take [a Financial Literacy and the Great Game of Business class] at least once per year. In this class, team members learn not only financial literacy specific to imageOne, but also personal financial literacy and how to manage their own finances.”

“Playing The Great Game of Business provided leadership opportunities to team members across the company. The accountability that comes with The Great Game of Business helped front­line team members step up to the challenges of leadership.” “By opening the books, [they] were able to unite all employees to think and act like owners. During [their] first year playing the Great Game of Business, [they] ended the year with a 10% growth in revenue and a 517% growth in profit. The Great Game also helped us become better communications, better leaders, more engaged team members, and brought us together as a team.”

Their advice

“Practice transparency in your business and care for the ‘whole’ employee.”

Submitted 2017