EDSI (2)


EDSI (Educational Data Systems, Inc.) is a national workforce development, customized training and consulting company intertwined with one common thread: helping people and companies in transition.

Website: edsisolutions.com

Their Story

The CEO, Kevin Schneiders, sends personal cards/notes to employees to recognize specific efforts across the company.  He sends “welcome cards to new hires, birthday and anniversary cards to employees, and recognition notes to employees doing a great job. To enhance the cards being sent for recognition, employees now receive two medals. One medal is for the employee to keep, and the other medal is for that person to give to someone else who helps them “live EDSI’s values.” EDSI’s core values are: Show Up, Smile and Support. Employees are encouraged to contact [the CEO] directly as they see others living these values. [This makes all employees] excited to receive a medal, and even more excited to give the additional medal to a fellow EDSI team member. The medals program has made a significant impact on the culture at EDSI. Recognizing others was always encouraged, and now the practice has dramatically increased in our 50+ offices across the country.”

Their Advice

“I would encourage any organization with offices in multiple locations/states to implement this practice. It allows employees to feel connected and appreciated, wherever they are located. The second coin allows for extra recognition directly from a peer. This practice encourages communication with the CEO from staff in every office. It promotes recognition and acknowledgement of employees at every level of the organization.”


Submitted 2017