EDSI (1)


EDSI (Educational Data Systems, Inc.) is a national workforce development, customized training and consulting company intertwined with one common thread: helping people and companies in transition.

Website: edsisolutions.com

Their story

EDSI created an app that exemplifies their management style of Servant Leadership. This app encourages employees to rate their happiness level (0-10) as often as every day so that managers can better understand how their employees are feeling. An employee’s rating can be based on workload, issues at home, or any other factor affecting the person. Managers can quickly see when an employee is struggling or recognize when someone is thriving.

In addition to the rating, there is an “I need support” button that, when selected, sends an immediate message directly to the CEO. This ensures that employees are getting the assistance they need as quickly as possible.

At EDSI, managers understand the importance of happiness and that sometimes, things happening outside of work can affect an employee’s effectiveness. Allowing employees to communicate their feelings with a trusted leader can give them the peace and psychological safety they need to operate at work. Employees are valued beyond what they contribute to the workplace. EDSI understands that each person is special and wants everyone to feel that way when they come to work each day.

Their advice

“Having a way for employees to communicate when they are struggling is important to any organization. Employees should not feel like they cannot “have a bad day.” For employees to always feel a part of the organization, we would encourage any workplace to find a way to allow employees to express what is happening in their lives that may contribute to how they are performing at work. Knowing that leaders are willing to listen and accommodate employees when they need extra assistance can make a significant impact on their happiness and productivity in an organization.”

Submitted 2017