DISHER is a nationally-recognized product development, talent attraction, and business consulting firm with offices in Michigan and Indiana. Their team is highly diversified, serving in a variety of markets including automotive, consumer products, office furniture, alternative energy, and medical device.


Their story

Their mission is to Make a Positive Difference. “One key piece of DISHER culture … [is] to bring employees together in celebration of one another, a practice [that they] call Ripples of Influence.” They explained, “Through this system, there comes a realization that everyone is continually creating ripples. Every interaction with a fellow human is like a rock thrown into a pond. Ripples are created from this interaction which extend far beyond the original conversation, email, project, or smile.” DISHER employees recognize that their “daily positive interactions can ripple through the lives of [their] colleagues, customers, and communities, inspiring them to also strive to make a positive difference.”

“Employees send in emails describing another employee’s Ripple of Influence to DISHER’s founder and president, Jeff Disher. Jeff then adds these to a list which is is displayed weekly at Friday staff meetings. Highlights from this list are selected and read aloud during the meeting.” “DISHER also captures customer comments about DISHER’s work for the Ripples of Influence. These comments are revisited during employee evaluations.”

“Ripples of Influence is at the core of DISHER itself because it is simply a manifestation of [their] mission.” “[It] is a part of [their] culture created in the hopes that fellow employees will become aware of what is going on around them and become inspired to contribute in their own way. Ripples allow us to convert the robotic co-workers next to us into humans, each with their own life goals, interests, struggles, and successes.”

Their advice

Encourage employees to “[embrace] a culture of positivity and recognition.” “Build up a culture that promotes [these concepts]. Establishing and conveying a purpose for your company’s beyond simply making money is crucial to promoting the type of culture in which people will flourish. Once that is is established, a program like [Ripples of Influence] is a continual exploration of new ways to live out your mission. It is kindling for a cultural conflagration; once you add employees who understand the vision for your mission as fuel, a program like this keeps the passion for making a positive difference burning long after visionaries have left.”

Submitted 2017