Clarteza is a marketing consulting company focusing on innovation. Their team advises Fortune 500 clients on finding the next new idea. They function as a think tank, leveraging different specialties when evaluating a business issue allowing them to have a comprehensive picture. Clarteza believe that a brand is a sum of all its experiences and having an authentic and consistent experience with a brand leads to a trusting relationship.


Their Story

“Enacting positive change through leadership must match the style and culture you want to create within an organization.” At Clarteza, leadership has focused on key elements to create a positive change. Firstly, hiring the right talent. “The Clarteza team represents a spectrum of complementary backgrounds to provide great depth and breadth of experience, as well as unique perspectives to optimize ideas.” Then, in order to connect people, they focus on shared values, which for this company’s case is a healthy work life balance.  Along with this, leadership is flexible and understanding. “The Clarteza environment is committed to results, not regimens, so provided the work gets done by the deadline, the team can spend time with family, volunteering or pursuing extra­curricular activities.” Additionally, they make sure to continually inspire and empower their teams. They recognize accomplishments. “It’s important for everyone to know they are valued so they can continue to grow the organization. Success is about daily wins [and it is a] priority to recognize and celebrate these victories.” Finally, the leadership makes sure to stand up for their team, and always have a big picture mindset “so the team knows the company’s future goals and buys into them.” By keeping all of these things in mind, Clarteza has built an organization with employees that feel empowered and energized.

Clarteza is “a very nimble and horizontal organization. There are almost no hierarchical structures. This means very direct and open communication with the team. This allows us to be very honest with each other. [They] focus on leveraging each other’s strengths, team members feel their talents are utilized, they feel heard and understood and this directly contributes to their job satisfaction. This of course translates to more innovative solutions, an ability to go the extra mile when necessary, and to truly deliver great value to clients.”

Their Advice

In order for an organization to foster success, Clarteza believes the following elements are necessary: Leading by example; stand up for your team; be clear, honest and empathetic with your communication style; treat your team as partners; don’t tolerate victim roles; admit your own mistakes as a leader if they occur and highlight what you’ve learned from them; and finally, celebrate successes.

Submitted 2017