Catalyst Partners

Catalyst Partners

They are a collaborative team of building performance professionals and facilitators committed to high-performance and restorative protocols for buildings, interiors, and products. They act as the catalyst that helps their clients establish benchmarks and achieve their sustainability goals, such as efficiency, productivity, and human health.


Their story

“In early 2016, Keith Winn, President of Catalyst Partners, challenged a small internal team to come up with strategies to double [their] company’s consulting revenue in three years.” An employee stated that “the biggest challenge was coming up with a clear vision of how to get there.”

“20 of 29 [their] members from various parts of the country participated in two full days of redefining [their] company structure, determining the markets and services of most importance, establishing SMART (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, and time-based) goals for each area of focus, and [identifying] roles and responsibilities for accomplishing [their] targets.” They “applied the Tour de France cycling competition as a metaphor for accomplishment: endurance, speed, teamwork, and revolving leaders.” “Since [their] company disciplines fall naturally into two main categories, architecture and engineering, [they said] it was natural to divide the entire team into two groups or pelotons, named the Places and Energy Teams”. They explained that “the two teams were primed with questions to help develop services, areas of interest, moonshots, and any ideas that could be used to establish business to help [them] achieve [their] growth goals.”

“The captains and co-captains of each team presented their ideas… [Then they] identified overlaps between the two pelotons for areas of growth [they] wanted to target… The focus groups were then tasked with coming up with and applying SMART goals to the ideas that were previously shared and agreed upon.”

“At the end of the event… team members were invigorated, appreciative, and infused with purpose and energy to accomplish [their] newly established goals. As a consortium, [they] secured the foundation and details for [their] June 2016 to June 2019 strategic plan.”

“Since [they] are a consortium with the majority of people working remotely, [they] collectively agree it is important to gather in person at least yearly to have time to interact on a professional and personal level.” At the strategic planning event, they applied dynamic governance to “[ensure] that everyone had a voice in each discussion and each decision that was made.”

When asked about this process, employees said, “It established the framework that allows all of us to put our time and energy into areas [they] are passionate about, and to focus on areas that best utilize our skills.”

Their advice

“Be willing to have trust and vulnerability with the organization’s team members in order to receive genuine input and feedback.”
“Be willing to ask difficult questions of your organization’s team members.”
“Allow room for really big ideas.”
“Allow everyone to have a voice.”
“Spread the engagement of leadership and allow for individual, active participation and empowerment.”

Submitted 2017