Balance Massage Therapy

Balance Massage Therapy

Balance Massage Therapy (BMT) is a small business that aims to “change each client’s life with the power of a massage.” BMT is committed to providing their clients with an unparalleled experience that positively impacts their health, wellness and happiness.


Their Story

Balance Massage Therapy actively seeks to establish a culture that empowers and supports its employees. As a result, Balance Massage Therapy developed a “BMT Awareness Lens” that creates a shared vision for the company across all employees. In order to establish this lens, BMT implemented its “Defining The Shift (DTS)” practice. This practice encourages each employee to take ownership of their career.

Balance Massage Therapy has found its DTS practice to be highly affective across its various work teams due to their regularly scheduled 30-minute meetings before each shift begins. These meetings allow the shift employees to “build awareness, set priorities and engage with the team.” Most importantly during this meeting the shift employees rally together to identify three words that will define their attitudes, intentions and priorities of the shift.

Each day as employees exchange between shift the DTS message board accumulates additional three words and enables the BMT staff to take control of their career, remain committed to their team’s objectives and work with positive intent.

Their Advice

Balance Massage Therapy believes that “the best way to create leaders is to give them the tools to they need to lead.” As a result, BMT has five tools to provide employees to increased leadership:

  1. Invite your employees into the business process
  2. Build awareness across individuals and teams
  3. Engage with your employees through continuous communication
  4. Encourage and guide your employees
  5. Continually coach your employees

Submitted 2018