4imprint sells promotional products in a direct fashion. They are committed to making the process of buying promotional products easier and less expensive for their customers.

Website: 4imprint.com

Their Story

This company operates on the “Golden Rule” (treat others as you would like to be treated), which is applied to all customers, suppliers, shareholders, and associates. They also follow 8 core principles known as “the Compass” (Honestly, Positive Attitude, Collaboration, Flexibility, Accountability, Empathy, Humility, and Curiosity). Their vision is that the compass will continue to guide the decisions of team members now and well into the future. The compass is located in the main entry way of the office as well as in conference rooms as a reminder to all employees to that the core principles are to be applied on a daily basis.

To ensure this vision is carried out, the office is set up so that there are no “traditional corner offices.” Executives have wooden cubicles without doors located on the second floor where associates are invited to stop over anytime for a visit.

Along with these things, 4imprint also works to make everyone’s professional and personal lives a little bit easier by offering a variety of benefits such as bereavement, paid time off for adopting a child, paid paternity leave, Veteran’s Day off, along with food deliveries and in-house DVD game rentals. There is also an on-site team of professionals that provide health and wellness services to their employees during regular office hours.  All of the practices mentioned above help 4imprint create a positive culture where all employees feel empowered at work.

Their Advice

In order to create this strong culture, 4imprint recommends stressing the importance of open communication and transparency, specifically making sure senior leadership is transparent with and accessible to all employees. They also mention “that employee empowerment is crucial to [their] success and positive culture. Encourage people to ask “why?” and “could we try this?”” It is important to ask these questions and listen to employees feedback in order to create a positive culture.

Submitted 2017