Frequently Asked Questions

January 2019 update:
After a five-year run, we are dedicating 2019 as a reflection year to reimagine how the Positive Business Project can help us all build a better world of work. This website will remain active as an archive of past projects and to give a home to the Positive Practices Handbook. Thank you for your continued effort in building more positive businesses and we look forward to connecting with you soon!

What specifically are you asking me to do?

You need to simply answer three questions via an online application about how your organization makes a positive difference in the world. You can also upload optional supporting documents at this stage. A select number of submissions will be invited to participate in a learning interview at the end of March to help the judges gain a better understanding of their practice.

I read about last year’s winners, and my organization seems different. What types of organizations are invited to participate?

Come one, come all! The Positive Business Project invites organizations of all sizes, geographic regions, and industries to enter. This includes non-profit organizations, start-ups, corporations, etc. It doesn’t make a difference to us if you create positive impact in your organization of six or your organization of 200,000. If you or your organization is using a positive business practice, we want to hear about it!

Do I have to attend the Positive Business Conference in order to submit?

Nope! We would love to see you at the Positive Business Conference in Ann Arbor on May 10-11, 2018, however, if circumstances do not permit conference attendance, we encourage you to still apply to the Positive Business Project.

If I cannot attend the Positive Business Conference, can I receive the cash value of the rewards?

No. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. If you can’t attend the Positive Business Conference, you are welcome to invite a colleague to attend in your place.

Who is on the judging panel?

The first round of judging will be completed by the Center for Positive Organizations Positive Business Project Team, comprised of +LAB students. The second round consists of a judging panel composed of five judges with experience in the field of positive business. These judges include an esteemed Ross faculty member, business leaders, and students. This panel will conduct learning interviews with the top ten submissions. Finally, a committee will review our five Gold Awardees and decide which submission, if any, will be elevated to Platinum and entered in the Positive Business Project Hall of Fame.

Does my submission need to demonstrate how the positive practice relates to profitability?

Profit potential is not required. That said, we are looking for ideas that provide value to many people, are inspiring, sustainable, and scalable, and would be good candidates for garnering support from sources beyond this award.

Do submissions need to include a social media component?

No. Technology can, however, be a powerful tool for teaching and spreading these practices to many people, and it is likely that the most cost-effective ideas for reaching large numbers of people will utilize social media in some way. Feel free to Tweet your participation using the hashtag #posbusinessproject.

Who is presenting this Positive Business Project?

The Positive Business Project is organized by a team of students from the Center for Positive OrganizationsGrace French, Isobel Futter, Kenna Boyd, Sean Keaton, Kashay Sanders, and Christina Gatti. We draw on the experience and expertise of faculty, staff, and business leaders connected with the Center for Positive Organizations, and we are grateful for their support. We are proud to lead the only student initiative at the Positive Business Conference!

Where can I find the Official Contest Rules?

Click here to view the Positive Business Project Official Contest Rules.

I am a member of the media and am interested in covering the Positive Business Project, who should I contact?

Please contact Katie Trevathan, the associate director of communications for the Center for Positive Organizations, at 734-764-2805 or ktalik@umich.edu.

Don’t see your question here? Please reach out to us! We look forward to clarifying any questions you may have!

Please email positivebusinessproject@umich.edu.