Application and Nomination Processes

Application and Nomination Processes

January 2019 update:
After a five-year run, we are dedicating 2019 as a reflection year to reimagine how the Positive Business Project can help us all build a better world of work. This website will remain active as an archive of past projects and to give a home to the Positive Practices Handbook. Thank you for your continued effort in building more positive businesses and we look forward to connecting with you soon!

2018 Calendar

February 16, 2018Early bird application deadline & nomination deadline (due by 11:59 EST)
March 2, 2018Final application deadline (due by 11:59 EST)
March 6, 2018Extended final application deadline (due by 11:59 EST)
March 16, 2018Notification of Silver Awardees
March 23, 2018Learning interviews
March 30, 2018Learning interviews
April 2, 2018Notification of Gold Awardees
Early AprilCommittee will review possible Platinum Awardees
May 10-11, 2018Public presentation of awards at Positive Business Conference

Award Levels & Judging Criteria

The purpose of the Positive Business Project (PBP) is to identify, study, celebrate, and spread impactful and replicable positive business practices. The PBP team has created a multi-step process to achieve this goal. Awardees will be decided based on the indicators below. One practice can intersect multiple categories.

Category: Environmental Stewardship

Businesses have a fundamental obligation to protect the environment. Demonstrating environmental stewardship means demonstrating dedication to being a good environmental partner through innovative practice. Environmental stewardship must be integrated into the core operations of your organization.

Silver AwardeesGold AwardeesPlatinum Awardees
Meets the definition of a sustainable positive practiceIs considered a great sustainable positive practiceIs the best sustainable positive practice submission
Category: Community Stewardship

A business is not just an isolated entity. Being a good community partner means engaging the communities in which your organization operates in meaningful ways. These business practices make the business a good neighbor to stakeholders not just within the organization, but within the community and world at large.

Silver AwardeesGold AwardeesPlatinum Awardees
Meets the definition of a community oriented positive practiceIs considered a great community oriented positive practiceIs the best community oriented positive practice
Category: Employee Empowerment

Practices should represent a flourishing work environment, one in which employees feel empowered to speak up and bring their whole, individual selves to work each day. These practices make the job meaningful for employees, honor diversity, and demonstrate inclusivity toward everyone in the workplace regardless of gender, race, class, etc.

Silver AwardeesGold AwardeesPlatinum Awardees
Meets the definition of an employee empowering positive practiceIs considered a great employee empowering positive practiceIs the best employee empowering positive practice


To enter your organization in the competition, please answer the following questions:

  1. Describe your positive practice. How was the positive change enacted
  2. How did this practice impact your business objectives, organizational culture, community, and/or the environment? Please give specific examples.
  3. What advice would you give to another organization looking to replicate this practice? How might they too achieve extraordinary results?

Note: You may also upload a file with additional information to be considered as part of your application.

Please submit your application by February 16, 2018 for the early bird deadline and by March 6, 2018 for the extended final deadline.


To nominate an organization, please answer the following:

  1. Organization name
  2. Briefly describe how this organization practices positive business
  3. Name and email of contact at organization

Please submit your nomination by February 16, 2018.

Learning Interviews

The top submissions will be invited to a learning interview with a panel of judges affiliated with the Center for Positive Organizations. Interviews will be held on March 23 and March 30, 2018. Those identified as Gold Awardees will be notified by April 2, 2018.

Gold Awardees will be reviewed by an additional committee to determine which submissions, if any, will be elevated to Platinum and entered into our Hall of Fame. This committee will be comprised of the three co-founders of the Center for Positive Organizations and its faculty director.

All entrants are highly encouraged to attend the Positive Business Conference on May 10-11, 2018 in Ann Arbor, MI, where winners will be highlighted.

See the Positive Business Project Official Contest Rules for more details.